What is it?

TUNS (Twitter Unfollower Notification Service) allow you to Keep track of your unfollowers. Every time someone leaves you, you'll receive a mention from @tunsapp twitter account.

What it does?

Every time someone unfollow you, TUNS show you all the unfollowers. At the moment were tracked 3356 unfollowers.

You want try it?

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TUNS Project is totally open source.

You can see all te code on GitHub. I really appreciate any form of contribution that could help this project become helpful for more people other than me.



If you are having fun with this why don’t you buy me just a coffee? You can help me to pay hosting and keep TUNS free (i don't like ADS on website). Thank you!

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Use the link below to send me your comments. I read all feedback carefully and i really appreciate the support. Help me imporve TUNS for you.

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